Tree Service vs. Tree Disservice

Proper pruning and service is an asset to your plants. When done correctly at the proper stages of your plant and tree's growth and with expert care, servicing your greenscapes will extend the life of your plants, enhance their beauty, reduce the risk of disease and damage, eliminate potentially hazardous situations, increase the yield of fruit, nut and berry trees, and much more.

When pruning is done improperly, the opposite is true. Many companies offering "tree service" are really performing tree-disservice. Improper pruning and care can not only negatively impact the beauty of a tree, but actually shorten its life, expose it to the elements and encourage further death and disease - costing you great amounts of time and money, as well as putting your home and family at greater risk.

Horgan brings more than thirty years of horticultural and arborcultural expertise to every job we oversee. So you gain fast, affordable, reliable service with the added peace of mind knowing that certified arborists will give you the best advice regarding your trees as well as the highest quality of professional service for any need. Anything less is simply… barking up the wrong tree.

Whether seeking to beautify, increase yield, evaluate plant health or any need you may have, we invite you to speak with our certified arborists or to schedule a free consultation and quote.

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